Termination of Contract

Tips for employers to bear in mind upon termination of the employment contract:

The standard Employment Contract is not transferrable and if for any reason it is terminated before the standard contract period of two years has been completed, the initiating party should in writing inform the other party of the exact date of termination of the contract. Both the employer and the Helper should notify the Director of Immigration in writing of the date of termination of the contract within 7 days following the termination. The employer should also provide the Director of Immigration with a copy of the written notice of termination.

We charge only HKD1,000- for terminate a helper service, which includes:
Full Documentation
Pick up and arrange the helper to leave employer's place
This service can avoid unnecessary conflicts between employer and helper

*Termination of contract without notice by employer

The employer may terminate the contract without notice or payment in lieu if the Helper, in relation to her employment:

Termination of contract without notice by Helper

The Helper may terminate the contract without notice or payment in lieu:

Employer may download this form - Notification of Termination of an Employment Contract, which is a notification of termination of an employment contract given by the employers of domestic helpers from abroad or the domestic helpers from abroad to the Director of Immigration, the Government of the Hong Kong SAR.

You may surf the website of Labour Department or contact us at 6332 1312  for further details.

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