Renewal of The Domestic Helper Employment Contract

Employers wishing to renew the domestic helper's employment contracts with their existing Helpers shall make fresh applications to the Immigration Department. Application for contract renewal will normally be accepted within eight weeks prior to the expiry of the existing contract. Approval of the renewal would be subject to the employer and Helper meeting the eligibility criteria at the time the application is made. Applications submitted after the expiry of the contract and the Helper's valid limit of stay in Hong Kong will not be accepted.

Employers are adviced to prepare documents for contract renewal at least six weeks prior to the end of contract.

Service Charge at HKD2,500-
Full Documentation
Contract Authentication Fee of Consulate
Visa Fee

If the application is approved, the employer will be notified by letter to collect the visa at the Immigration Department. Collection of levy is suspended for visas granted between 1 August 2008 and 31 July 2013.

Under normal circumstances, your Domestic Helper should return to his/her place of origin after the completion of contract and apply for a visa to return to the HKSAR to start the new contract. If circumstances do not permit the Helper to return to his/her place of origin for vacation immediately upon expiry of the old contract, subject to the employer's and Helper's mutual agreement, the Helper may apply for an extension of stay for him/her to defer the vacation leave. The Helper and employer shall complete the relevant parts of ID 988A and ID 988B respectively and submit them to the Director of Immigration for consideration.

On application, an extension of stay of normally not exceeding one year may be granted by the Director of Immigration upon payment of an extension fee. Further extension of stay within the contract period will not be allowed. Therefore, arrangements should be made for the Helper to return to his/her place of origin for vacation within the one-year extension period, and for the Helper to use the visa (with visa fee waived and with a validity in line with the extension of stay granted) to enter the HKSAR to complete the contract.

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