Rest day
The Helper is entitled to not less than 1 rest day in every period of 7 days. A rest day is a continuous period of not less than 24 hours. The dates of the weekly rest day will be appointed by the employer who must, unless the rest days are on a regular basis, notify the Helper before the beginning of each month.

Statutory holidays
If the Helper has worked continuously for the employer for 3 months preceding any of these holidays, she is entitled to be paid for that holiday. The employer is required to grant statutory holidays to the Helper as follows:

Statutory Holidays for 2018

  1. The first day of January (1 January)
  2. Lunar New Year’s Day (16 February)
  3. The third day of Lunar New Year (17 February)
  4. The fourth day of Lunar New Year (19 February)
  5. Ching Ming Festival (5 April)
  6. Labour Day (1 May)
  7. Tuen Ng Festival (18 June)
  8. Hong Kong Special Administrative Region Establishment Day (2 July)
  9. The day following the Chinese Mid-Autumn Festival (25 September)
  10. National Day (1 October)
  11. Chung Yeung Festival (17 October)
  12. Chinese Winter Solstice Festival (22 December) or Christmas Day (25 December) (at the option of the employer)

Paid annual leave
The Helper is entitled to annual leave with pay within a period of 12 months following completion of 1 year's service. If the employment contract is terminated for whatever reason, including the Helper's resignation but excluding summary dismissal by the employer, after 3 months or more but less than 12 months, she should be paid a pro rata sum in lieu of annual leave.

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